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Imagine on your feet a pair of Air Jordan 4 basketball shoes featuring The Jordan 4 history, a shoe that embodies the signature of the legendary Michael Jordan.

The AJ4 was created by famous designer in the sneaker line - Tinker Hatfield and was first released in 1989 during the NBA All-Star game in Houston. Because of its durable rubber design, padded collar and tongue with wound-absorbing air cushioning, the Air Jordan 4 quickly dominated the sneaker market. The AJ4 size guide will provide tips on how to measure your feet correctly, ensuring a comfortable fit for your feet. The above ideas cannot describe all the special features of the Air Jordan 4, but there is no denying that these things have made this shoe revered for many years. And soon, the Air Jordan 4 quickly took hold of the market becoming a must-have for basketball players in particular and sneaker lovers in general. Holding a pair of Air Jordan 4s, you are holding a piece of basketball history.